Acquainted with Grief (Part 4): Amnesiac



Sitting on the shores of this sea, dipping my feet into the water,

Watching distant mountains protrude the sky, giving depth to the setting sun.

I stare,

Sipping slowly on the view, drinking it down.

Like a content chameleon, I begin to fade;

The dissolving of self into this scene

I think nothing.

I remember nothing.

Nothing is relevant.

I close my eyes,

A perfect breeze brushes against my skin.

I am simply here.

Upon Opening my eyes, I see a man.

He walks up beside me.


Says nothing.

We fix our gazes straight ahead and remain silent

I’m not sure when He spoke to me or when I actually answered Him,

But when He asked, “How long have you been here?”

In earnest I replied, “Dunno…I forget.”

He nodded and smiled,

Then put both feet in the water.

He sat down beside me,

And laughed.

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