This page is dedicated to specific thoughts, and/or poetic one-liners that are a part of my personal philosophy and ethics.  These are concise statements that summarize my thoughts so I can use them for anecdotal atta-boys or just personal references.   Enjoy!


Those who snicker at Philosophy
Majors maybe shocked to learn that their very jeers are rooted in a philosophy; alas, I am sure they know not which one. And a great many would be flabbergasted to know the Engine that Drives Their Actions.


“I must continually evolve, for it is then and only then, that I can begin to understand a Father who is infinite, transcendent creativity, for the possibilities of what I CAN become are inexhaustible, being Born from and inheriting His Nature.”


Our Disciplines and Indulgences cannot co-exist.  One must rise up and kill the other, or they will erode us with constant warring.


To Those who wait to be Perfect(ed),

Time is the cruelest of Villains


Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a hopelessness crushed can destroy a soul.


Is there any thing more chicken than the egg?


It takes a heart of flesh and a brain of matter, to decode notions of a lover’s laughter

Leave the machines for sowing and reaping, but sure shoulders for rejoicing and weeping.


Comments, Thoughts, or Suggestions?

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