Audio: Gallery Hop reading of the “Acquainted with Grief Series”

Seasons of MelancholyDuring the recent Gallery Hop in Lexington Kentucky (April 18th, 2014), Living Stones Fine Arts Collective was able to set up in the heart of downtown at the Livery. It is an amazing venue for any occasion and we were grateful to have the opportunity to showcase our art there. Over the months leading up to the Gallery Hop I had been working hard to get the publication of my new book, “Seasons of Melancholy”, to line up with the show date. My hard work paid off as I was able to get hard copies of the book the day of and actually made some sales before and after the reading. I received great feedback about the book before and after the reading.

The book is on sale now at Create Space (this is an Amazon company) $ 20.00, and the Shammah Publications Bookstore (just press the Buy Now Button) $15.00. (see the Shammah Publication Bookstore for more buying options)

Living Stones Fine Arts Collective is not just a visual art group but rather a true collective in every sense of the word. There are several writers, a couple of musicians, and nearly every genre of visual artist you can imagine . I was able to make good use of the show by presenting a book of poetry and also giving a reading of some of the poems in front of a gracious audience.

Here is a live recording of the event.


“Acquainted with Grief: is a 4 poem series:

  1. The Pain Problem
  2. Man of Sorrows
  3. Grief Conversation
  4. Amnesiac

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