“Seasons of Melancholy” Goes On Sale…Today!!!

Seasons of Melancholy

I am proud to present to my second chapbook, “Seasons of Melancholy”, to everyone worldwide today!!

It was recently shared at the Gallery Hop in Downtown Lexington Kentucky on April 18th. I had the great opportunity to read the Grief Season. The turn out was great turn out and the response was so encouraging. I am very proud and humbled.

“Seasons of Melancholy” is a collection of personal poetry and a reflective memoir. I have been waiting to publish this collection for years and it has finally come to fruition. I can’t tell you how excited I am that I get to share it with everyone.

You can find it at these major online bookstores: Createspace (Preferred Vendor), Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and coming soon Kindle. Click on the links or visit the “Shammah Publications” page to find all the purchasing options.

The most exciting aspect is that I am getting to pursue my passion of writing and publishing. It is my goal over the next year or two to be publishing a few other authors as well.

I would love to have your support as I rush headlong into my dreams and vocation. Each book purchased is another stone in the foundation of Shammah Publications.

I am setting a personal goal of 100 books to be purchased in the first month…so if you purchase it and you love it, tell a friend! If you refer a friend to purchase the book as well, send me an email (j.wesleymullins@gmail.com) with both of your contact information and you will both receive autographed copies of “A Seed Planted” free of charge (a $12.00 value).

Also, if you send me an Instagram photo of you and one of the first 100 copies sold of “Seasons of Melancholy” ( @wesmullins ), I will send you a free autographed copy of “A Seed Planted” (a $12.00 value).

I have already been working on two new projects. One is a poetry chapbook, that will follow the progression of “Seasons of Melancholy”, and the other is an Apologetic Series, set to encourage everyone to turn off the constant distractions in life and turn on their amazing minds.

So here’s to all my faithful readers and my new faithful readers.  Thank you so much for everything! We are about to embark on a great journey…buckle up!

Comments, Thoughts, or Suggestions?

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