FF_032 Name:                 Wes Mullins
Family:               Nina Mullins (wife), 2 children (twins) Eliana and Alex
Hometown:      South Webster, Ohio
Education:       University of South Carolina— Bachelor of Arts-Literature

Philosophy on Writing:
Poetry:   saying something that can’t be said, without saying it.
Writing (General):   Always as if everyone is going to read it and study it.  It will help keep your words honest and answer questions before  others ask  them.
Writing is an outlet for me to Rip Open my heart and spill it on the page.  
I write stream of consciousness and then go back to edit and shape the piece

Philosophy on Life
I am a Christian. I believe in Jesus Christ and his resurrection, his forgiveness, his grace, and his love. I am unapologetic in my believes but I am open to honest dialogue and conversations. I know what I believe and why I belief it…do you?