Proposition: Thoughts from an Argument from Purpose…

Science, through scientist and observation, has enlightened us to the inner workings of Life, the Universe, and existence. We can see the meticulous and intricate precision by which the galaxies are nestled in to space. Every atom, particle, bacteria, and/or sub-atomic particle is necessary or has a specific function or purpose. If one particle, atom, or electron were missing from a  specific  entity, bond, atom, or life form that life form would have never existed or would cease to exist.  If certain electrons were missing existence/life would have not been possible. It is evident that every “thing” has a specific purpose or necessary reason for existing, from the micro-level to the macro-level.

All of this is held together and made possible by non-physical forces referred to as the  Laws of Physics. Every “thing” that is seen, unseen, felt, and theorized, has a reason for existence bound by the laws of physics. Stephen Hawking declares that because of the existence of the Laws of Physics, existence  not only necessarily follows  but it had to come into existence; it had no choice based on the laws  governing it. There appears to be a reason for every aspect of existence except… for the reason why every “thing” exists, or purpose of existence. The notion that there is no answer, and that it is silly to conjecture about the why is given to us by Atheist, Darwinist, Naturalist, subscribers to Scientism, subscribers to Determinism, and Secularist. Atheism presupposes there is no God, because that hypothesis doesn’t logically follow scientific observations, it has to be posited and predetermined. This presuppositional positing nullifies and voids the necessity of an objective why and states it is a brute fact and needs no reasoning.

How can every “thing” have a purpose and a reason, contingently fit together like the ultimate Jenga tower, wherein if one piece were missing the whole “thing” would collapse? How can existence be so precise but there not be no ultimate purpose for the “tower’s” existence? The atheistic response, “Because I (Science) said so”, is not a satisfactory answer.  This response belittles and stupefies any resistance as unintelligent.  It is attune to the atheistic objection of the Christian proposition , “God’s ways are a mystery.” That line of reasoning contradicts itself and is self-refuting. Now, by their own admission, “God’s ways are a mystery”, is a valid and logical response and becomes just as scientifically valid as this presupposed brute fact of ,”Because I said so”. Christian presuppose God does exist and since we have finite knowledge, understanding and God is omniscient, it follows that I could not possibly understand and communicate His every thought and action.

CS Lewis says it like this, “If the whole universe has no meaning, we should never have found out that it has no meaning: just as, if there were no light in the universe and therefore no creatures with eyes, we should never know it was dark. Dark would be without meaning.”

This is an honest thought and approach to existence. We, the existing, have every right and responsibility to ponder this from every angle,  contrary to what anyone says. It would be intolerant to condemn and marginalize anyone for reasoning the CS Lewis route. I exist, therefore, I am allowed to reason within the bounds of logic, especially if I see that the mainstream ideologies lack exhaustive substance. Lewis’s argument follows logically; it may not be popular but it is hard to refute.

What if  Naturalism is correct? Then our lives, our infinitesimal existence, will have meant nothing in the grand scheme of existence. I want you to consider the alternative, an objective, purposeful reality, that we were meant for something, some destiny. Our purpose is something greater than being a tiny bug smeared on the windshield of time. Think about the notions destiny that wells up in your chest when you watch, read, or witness flashes of greatness in literature or life. I am convinced that there must be a reason we are conscious and have the ability to reason our existence. There must be a reason that we possess these abilities and notions that are not found or observed in any other facet of life.

So I ask you, did we rise from primordial goo, remnants from star-stuff? or is there a Grand Designer, a Master Jenga Player, who create us in His image, with His attributes, with abilities and destinies? Is the universe fashioned with purpose and design?

It is a question worth wrestling. I challenge you to look honestly at Theism and Intelligent Design.

Here are some good links to get you started:

JP Moreland – Has Science made belief in God unbelievable

William Lane Craig- Origins of the Universe: has Hawking eliminated God

If you are interested in hear both sides presented in a civil dialogue you can listen to Justin Brierley’s podcast “Unbelievable” on iTunes. For other great Apologetic resources, interviews and links go to

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