A man and his loyal hound...

The Sum of All Things:

I am man
Inside this ball of sensitive clay
I feel hunger
I feel pain
Unworthiness; yet I am man

I am man
I long to climb mountains
Slay dragons
Conquer worlds
Be clothed with the valor of knights
I may or may not; yet I am man

I am man, though lacking, I am man

There is something about creating, building and producing that appears to be inherent in men. The working with our hands and the validation from the sweat dripping from our brow fill us with purpose and accomplishment. It doesn’t nullify all our short comings but it does validate our manliness.

After I built this fire in the rain, and built a shelter for family, I think my beard grew about 2 inches instantly, and my chest hair burst from my shirt like a young, svelte Sean Connery. A great day to be a man.

(Blue, our dog, pictured above, also had an amazing time playing in the rain and eating hotdogs. “You’re my girl Blue!”)

A man and his loyal hound…

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