New Look and updated pages…

I have made some changes to my blog with a new, fresh look, and updated some pages with much needed content. I added some post content to the Poetry Page and the Apologetics Page. Head over there and see what you may have missed or just revisit some old favorites.

If you are new to the Blog I have a few suggestions:

Poetry: My Liar’s Chair is one on the all-time favorites, but Pan’s Yin is a recent favorite and is gaining ground.

Apologetics: I suggest Sacred and Contending For Truth Part I & II.

I am still working on a few novels, some more essays, and even a new song; there is plenty more to come.

I want to thank you for stopping by and allowing me to share my heart and my thoughts with you. Enjoy looking around and perusing the writing.



If you see any grammatical, syntax, or spelling errors please email me at

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