Essay: Contending for Truth…(Part 2)

Here is another way to think about Truth:

If I say that the sky is blue, that is a true statement, but only if it is a clear day. Now if I say that the sky only appears blue because “color refers to the wavelengths of visible light leaving an object and striking a sensor, such as a human eye. These wavelengths might be reflected, or scattered, from an external source, or they might emanate from the object itself.” ( The latter statement is more true.

If I say that the sky is brown, then that is an untrue statement regardless of any season or changing weather. And if I say that there is no sky, then that is completely untrue as it has been proven by nearly all scientific methods. ( I am referring to the colloquially vernacular use of the word sky, I am aware that science has many names for what we refer to as the sky, but it is in fact there and has been scientifically proven to be there.)

The point is that there are levels of trueness. If we can deem something more wrong then something else then we can deem something more true than something else. Following this logic forward, there must also be ultimate truth and ultimate falsehood. If a statement can be proven to be more true, then that truer statement can also be refined to a truer form; this can continue until Absolute Truth is revealed. We can begin to categorize our philosophical propositions by their level of trueness. Remember that a true statement is one that is not easily contradicted within itself, and in order for a statement to be Truth it must not contradict itself at any point. Here’s my generic scale:

  1. Truth
  2. More True
  3. True
  4. Less True
  5. False

This is paramount in our lives because all of our thought, deeds, and spoken words are derived from what we view as Truth in our worldview. As I came to this understanding in the course of my life, I realized the importance of being able to defend my views with logic and reason…or change those views that are self-contradicting and wrong.

What does that mean?

It means that there is no ideology that I hold so dear that I haven’t placed it on the chopping block. I have laid several of them on there with fear and trembling, but I laid them down. Christianity is one of those that I laid down with great pain, but if I couldn’t lay my Faith against Atheism, Eastern Religions, or Agnosticism and do it with honesty then I could never know if I truly believed what I proclaimed I believed.

What I lost was my fear. I lost my fear of man. I no longer fear conversations with those that have ideas or opposing opinions. I do not mince words, or rather I try not to. I do not want to water down what I believe. I do not back down from declaring that there is Absolute Truth. I gained courage to speak when it is easier to just mutely nod and smile.

My ultimate declaration is that Jesus Christ is only way for mankind to gain absolution of their souls, and I try to share the Gospel with everyone that I meet.

Some may call that intolerant, but I do not hide what I believe so that you will think a certain way about me…you now know where I stand theologically and philosophically. There is no longer any undercurrents or timidity of my disagreeing with your lifestyle or worldview; I will openly challenge you on it. I will contend for Truth. ( However, I will so with the utmost dignity and respect. I think you are wrong not inferior.)

We have become a generation and a society that disallows people from challenging our views. It seems silly to not allow ourselves or others to be corrected.  I know this begs the question, “How do you know what you believe and contend for is Truth?”

Because, I have done the work. I have done the study. I have laid it bear upon the Chopping Block and it was found to be True. I have dissected nearly all philosophies of the last 10,000 years and only one makes any logical sense, the Christian world view.

All religions declare that there is something wrong with mankind, but what they offer as a reprieve or absolution is either contradictory or self-attained salvation. Can a terminally sick person heal themselves using the same bacteria and tumors that are killing them? We can’t cure ourselves of the problem of sin by engaging in those sins with more frequency and less conscious. You can’t make a wrong right by simply saying, “It is okay now, we were wrong.”….at least you can’t do that with universal laws, understanding, and laws of physics.

One can’t simply say that the law of gravity no longer has authority in our lives, because that notion would have grave consequences. The same can be said that saying that all morality is socially convened, the consequences are going to be eternally grave. If you replace Truth, what can you possible replace Truth with…a lie, a whimsical fancy, a capricious thought, or a a dogma constructed by hundreds of years of empirical data that cannot be universally verified, and is debated by even the most intelligent humans alive (or Dead)?

Don’t be lazy, apathetic, or lethargic. Don’t except your professor, your government, your pastor, your parents, your spouse to figure out what you believe and what worldview you will follow,  but rather you do the work and you get your hands (brain) dirty for once.

My journey led me to the apologetics of  C.S. Lewis; “Mere Christianity” and “Abolition of Man”. These were my first real introductions to apologetics, and they are a good place to start regardless of your worldview.

I can say with certainty that I have been asking, searching, for Truth my entire life.

I have prayed for it.

I have searched science for it.

I have searched Religion for it. I searched myself for it.

I rebuke God for it, and declared my contempt for him….but…

I have only found Truth in Jesus Christ and in Him alone does it exist, or can it even exist.

It is not only that I can declare the Truth that I believe, I can also explain the Truth that I believe without creating cultish sub-definitions that opens the door for manipulation and circular rhetoric.

Does this mean that I think that I have arrived? Does it mean that I have absolute knowledge and understanding? No, not even close. What I can say is that I have read, lived, and listened to all the arguments that are in opposition of Christianity and there are none that I have found that dispel it unto oblivion. There are some that make you stop and ponder but in the end they cannot comprehensively explain life. The mainly bring cause or doubt to a specific thought about God, but they offer no substitute only doubt.

The doubt that is created losses any traction because the void created by doubt cannot be filled with the doubt. Truth cannot be solidified by doubtful notions of a worldview only meant to cause disbelief in another worldview. It has to Transcend all Worldviews, Language, and Understanding…but it can’t contradict itself or leave a void that can never be filled by any and all of its notions.

Don’t take my word for it, I beg you to sit down and begin to write down your beliefs on God, life, sin, heaven, hell, death, marriage, sex, love, hate, 10 commandments, afterlife, etc. and see if you can find any self-contradicting arguments that cancel out your beliefs and complicate your worldview.

Truth is worth contending for but you can’t do it by regurgitating your favorite author, speaker, friend, professor, etc.. You have to put in the work; you can’t Google this or do an online search. You have to rip open your chest pull out your heart and see what it is made of, then crack open your brain and travel to the most remote synaptic clefts and determine if you can defend everything you believe.

In order to contend for Truth, you must lay yourself bare, no one can do this for you.

Here is a question to get you started, “Do you think you are innately good or innately evil?” Chew on this for as long as it takes, nearly all your philosophy is rooted in your answer to this question.

For those of you who are ready to dive a little deeper I think it is time to introduce you to Dr. Douglas Groothius. Here is a link to his blog.

I have listed to this entire lecture series and it is awesome. For those cynical folks, I am not merely regurgitating his rhetoric, I was already to where he is but couldn’t express it circumspectly yet but I had already been doing the work. And it is okay to get others to help you in this journey I hope that is not the impression that I have given. We need to bounce our ideas and thoughts off of others to see if we hitting the mark or if we are off a little. I just want you to be responsible for owning and defending your worldview not someone else’s philosophy.

“Defending God is like defending a lion, he don’t need your help, just unlock the cage”. Propaganda “The G.O.S.P.E.L.” God doesn’t need defending but why you believe in God does. It is two fold:

  1. So that you understand your worldview better.
  2. So you can help others by challenging their worldview, so they may understand their’s better.

Good Luck! May there be pain, anguish, lamenting, prayer, and uncomfortable monologues with yourself, because if there is not, then you are not doing it right!

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One thought on “Essay: Contending for Truth…(Part 2)

  1. To use a hierarchical illustration, their Christian beliefs which they see as absolute truth are at the top chain of command, and reason along with everything else falls below that. In this setup, reason does not analyze their faith, but instead serves it. That’s why they can believe these extreme beliefs contrary to reason without realizing it. And that’s why using reason to appeal to them doesn’t help. And it’s also why if they read a book like this, it would not do any good, because they would use just rationalize everything said in this book away any way they can, which is human nature anyway. After all, we all tend to rationalize away what we don’t want to believe and find excuses to justify believing what we want to believe. In that sense, human nature can be inherently selective.

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