Beautiful Eulogy: The String that Ties us (Give this a listen.  This is a very powerful and empowering song from the group, Beautiful Eulogy.)

I heard this for the first time about 3 months ago and I was blown away. It is a simple analogy, but philosophically powerful, and it transcends the message of Love into other areas of our lives.

Every time we “break” free from constraints we must first understand the consequence of our actions. Do we really understand the impact our actions will have on society, our family and the future of mankind?

Freedom from one constraint or precept must be filled with an equal  or greater precept, especially if one is broadening the areas of allowable morality and ethics; there can’t be a negative void of responsibility. Happiness can never be the moral standard.

Reason #1: Their is no universal “happiness” medium. Reason #2: There are no universal standards in which to judge one’s “happiness” when it infringes upon someone else’s “happiness”. Achieving “happiness” is merely perspective and evasive.  A universal standard of freedom can’t be relative and evasive; one’s freedom may be another’s hell.

In the prose by Beautiful Eulogy, the Kite Maker/Flier created the kite’s aerodynamic shape and is the one who directs the kites path and parameters by the releasing and retracting of the string. It is the very tension of the string that allows you to soar into the Heavens and see glimpses of God (and the genius of the Kite Maker’s design) reflected in yourself. They are not the anchors that imprison you from your true destiny. The string’s name is Humility and Truth.

If you sever ties with either of those I can guarantee that you will crash into a heap on the hard, unforgiving Earth.

Consider this scenario: Lying is an acceptable form of communication.

I chose lying because most people think situation lying is okay, and that white lies are actually expected etiquette. This has detrimental consequences.

If lying is acceptable, then one must make provisional laws and precepts to protect the Truth, or what is deemed Truth. If there is not a universal, civic, or understood standard of Truth, then things become truths and then simply something that is true.

The Truth would become a premium in cultural interaction and thus very rare and even more difficult to prove. It will become a laughable relic of oppressive etiquette used to repress individuals from their “TRUE” selves. More than that no one could rely upon the Truth even if it were spoken because everyone would be suspicious of the Truth.

The individual’s expectation in receiving Truth from others will become just as rare and uncommon…if both of these areas are not expanded. The constraints of Truth will choke individuals whom still depend on the certainty of Truth within social interactions.

We all depend on the certainty of Truth, even those who do not constrain themselves by such an antiquated ideal as speaking the Truth, yet they expect the Truth to be spoken to them; a circular non-sensical and self-contradicting social etiquette.

In the criminal world the Cardinal Sin is being dishonest to your organization!?! How could criminals organize heists and hits if they didn’t trust those with whom they coordinate their operations?

Truth will become trivial, controversial, and conventional as the lines are blurred by the sheer number of unrestrained lies.  Foundational philosophy will be built on improbable and unprovable logic. These philosophies will be vouched for by capricious theories and paper-thin hypothesis…and no one should care or be able to discern if they are true.

The worldview of Science will erode into drivel from those expressing cult-ish antics and wild imaginations. The Laws of Physics will be downgraded to one of many possible suggestions. The certainty of math will no longer exist. No one will believe that 2+2=4, and one could be constrained  to reason it’s truth. It has already been decided that Truth was/is repressive and a tool of manipulation to provide authority over an otherwise autonomous and fulfilled society. This proposition is the fall-guy, or patsy for Post-Modern thought. One could simply argue that “2” doesn’t exist or that they don’t acknowledge the Truth of Numbers. They could start a numbers revolution….Maybe Beavis and Butt-head could be the founders of Mad at Math, Down with Numbers Campaign.

“A teacher asks Butt-head if he is angry for some reason

Butt-head: Uhhhh… I’m, like, angry at numbers.

Beavis: Yeah, there’s like, too many of them and stuff.” (

This scenario may sound like a sci-fi/conspiracy report, but the Kite vs the Kite Maker revolution has begun. It is rooted in Post-Modernism and fueled by the most current Tolerance and Politically Correct movements. The rallying cry of, “I am Unique, and I deserve to unleash the entitlement of my differences upon society.”

Yes, you as unique as your finger prints or a snowflake…just like everyone else. It is not our “uniqueness” that makes us unique but rather our ability to be Humble. Mark Twain says that “Man is the only animal that blushes. Or needs to.”

The release of society from such heinous violations as Absolute Truth will continue creating a culture of where nothing and everything has to be believed, and there can be no difference between the two. There is collateral damage that may not calculate during the intoxicated, metaphysical rebellion.  The loss of Justice, Fairness, Equality, Compassion, Love, Intimacy, Friendship, Family, Civic Law, Understanding, Reason, Logic, Trust, leadership, Government, Fathers, Mothers, Sons, Daughters, Commerce, etc. will cause society to implode and consume itself.

Self-evident Truths will become contradictions, as they would be improbable and impossible to state, let alone prove. These by their very essence are Truths that validate themselves and cannot be contradictory. This means that something that is philosophically inerrant, proved by Reason and Laws of Logic, not by conventional presuppositions or inconsistent cultural norms/societal ethics, cannot be a lie, false, antiquated, or bad.

Much to the chagrin of Post-Modernist and Post-Christianist, Truth can not be voted on and legislated by the majority, it simply IS. There is no amount of rhetoric, propaganda, or filibusters that can triumph over Truth.

Truth can be nothing more or less than Truth, everything that is, is Truth. Anything that is not Truth is a lie. Lies by their very essence do not exist as they are the anthesis of Truth.

A lie is the absence of Truth; the absence of Truth can not be equated or equal to the Truth it refutes.

So before we as a culture, a society, let go of the string of Absolute Truth, and cling to Post-Modernism with great abandonment, harken to this warning:

You will crash and your ideologies will fail.

To those who say, “meh, There are no Absolute Truths!” I ask, “Is that True?” Think about it.

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