Journal Entry: Nothing is Random…

Nothing is random.

Natural Disasters are not random, nor are they chaotic.

Let us look at the Hurricane as an example.

It is actually not a “thing” at all,  it is a term that defines the result or product of many different atmospheric and terrestrial elements in a juxtaposition in the same climate in an anomalous manner, at the exact same time, in perfect unity.

Hurricanes have no will of their own. It must follow the course laid out by the culmination of the decisive “raw” elements.

It is only as strong as those elements allow.  It can only last as long as the elements remain in anomalous harmony. The moment that one of the structural elements dissolves or disbands from the destructive formula, the Hurricane becomes less powerful.

The dissolving of all elements will relegate the mighty Hurricane to nothing more than rain clouds and a stiff breeze off the coast of some exotic, uninhabited island.

Also the dissolving can be caused by other contrary or less helpful elements; land in general is a good deterrent for a water-based twister.

A Hurricane is choreographed, from start to finish.  It has no authority on its level of destruction, nor on how long it exists. Its destructiveness is governed by the laws of physics and their effects upon each element both individually and as a unit.

The Hurricane’s path may change erratically (to our standards) but not capriciously. It can only change course, strength, or size by the addition or subtraction of atmospheric or terrestrial elements. The Hurricane will cease to exist soon after it reaches landfall, simply because it runs out of the structural element of H2O.

A Hurricane recipe must have certain parts water, wind, moisture, thunderstorms, cool air and warm air. Only the perfect mixture of these “raw” elements will create a hurricane and only their anomalous harmony dictate its life span.

This reasoning brings reasonable doubt to the quasi-hypothesis of Chaos Theory, or at least some wrongly refer to as Chaos Theory. In fact, the Theory actually states that Chaos Theory – It’s about the deterministic factors (non-linear relationships) that cause things to look random. Yet it is as an exhaustively complex government of Order. The aforementioned incorrect reference to Chaos Theory would also include those who declare Spontaneous Life Theory, Evolution Theory,  and Big Bang Theory to be viable solutions to the Nature and Fiber of our existence.

Every increment of time and all spatial existence is meticulously ordered. There is not a single atom out-of-place, or a law that is uncharacteristically inept. Even the most random of actions are controlled and governed by complex systems, vastly to complex to comprehend with the naked eye. (paraphrase, “Chaos Theory for Beginners”)

The precision in  which the universe is governed is evidentiary support that it was created from and in Order.

If every aspect, element, and fiber of a “thing” is brimming with order, laws, and precepts and those orders, laws, and precepts are unbreakable and unchangeable, it is right to say that they were created thus.

Randomness could only birth more randomness.

One could postulate that given enough time (eons multiplied by eons) Randomness could produce a single action of simulated order, but it would merely be coincidental and no have no authority on which to exercise its Order-ness upon Randomness.

It would require predetermined criteria, definitions, and parameters of what Order and Randomness are, thus negating the Randomness of Randomness; True Randomness would be indefinable.

In fact, there is no such “thing” as Chaos/Randomness, even the fruition of the most unexpected, unfortunate, and/or undesired universal decree (disaster) may seem at the time unjust or unfair, but it is never ungoverned.

“Col 1:16 For all things were created in Him, the things in the heavens, and the things on the earth, the visible and the invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers, all things were created through Him and for Him.
Col 1:17 And He is before all things, and by Him all things consist.”  (Colossians 1:16 & 17)

God Governs Order. Order is Law. Chaos is…well, Chaos is nothing.

______________________Further Reading for the Nerds or Philosophers_____________________

Abbreviated Defense Against: Randomness is Responsible for our Existence

If you are the product of Randomness, how can you determine that you are actually a product of Randomness. Randomness would not be able to be concluded by Logical means of Reasoning or awareness. Awareness is based in the notion you are where you think you are in this minute in the universe…how can you determine where HERE is and how can you determine that that is where you are?

First, one is supposing that science exists and that scientific methods have been established and proven as viable measuring authorities in all areas. The scientific method is the only way to prove a theory. One must subject raw data to experiments in which the previously hypothesized result is achieved repeatedly and congruent over a predetermined length of time.

Where did the hypothesis come from? Who is  determining the parameters of the project upon such a fleeting moment of Order amid eons of Randomness? Could one actually, scientifically calculate Order in a Random universe, wherein there is no stability or no base from which to begin?

If one is performing experiments upon the raw data of the universe using scientific methods, then it can be concluded that science must exists. And if Science exists if must founded in scientific principles tempered by scientific method; scientific method must be implemented by subjecting raw data into a governed experiment of predetermined criteria and laws, based on an educated, logical hypothesis that was concluded by careful study of a particular discipline (s).

If there are disciplines, there must be laws, and if there are laws there must be  governments and authorities. If there are authorities there must be founded in irrefutable and unbreakable precepts, or else they have no authority. If there are irrefutable and unbreakable precepts they must have been formed by something greater and more irrefutable and unbreakable than themselves, as hierarchical forms can not of themselves be autonomous; boundaries must be preset to constrict the herniation/usurpation of one substance into another substance without just cause or proper authority. These precepts must be formed/created by Order.

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