Journal Entry: My Mind is Blown…but in a not in a good way. This is ultimately disturbing and is breaking my heart….

You can’t take LIFE out of Living.

Are we robots or cyborgs?

We, as people, can not be sheltered from pain and/or loss. Loss is a part of living; a part of the universe. Stars burn out, animals kill each other, pets die, and family members pass away. None of this can be stopped, nor should it be.  It is the cycle of life; learning to deal with loss is a great life lesson.

Let’s follow the logic of the UK teachers out further: Armed with this logic we can surmise that parents should not be allowed to privately raise their children. What if one or both died?  The children would suffer deep emotional  pain or damage, especially if the children had deep, bonded attachments with their parents. Instead risking the possibility of disrupting the current and projected emotional well-fare of the children, we should be raise all children by a group or panel of unbiased and detached, non-familial adults; a mosaic of those who like children and those who don’t like children (wouldn’t want to tip the scales in any one’s favor).

We will create better individuals if we constantly engage them in directed and choreographed group with well established goals and expectations.  What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander.

Equality = Fairness! (mobs of the entitled, unrealistic cheer and shout)

…wait I don’t think it does…what?

This flies in the face of the current psychology that says infants who don’t attach to parents or a care taker as soon as possible are much more likely to have emotional damage and makes it very difficult for them to attach to individuals as they get older.

Everyone needs a best friend(s)! Everyone needs someone to be intimate with, to share secrets and the most vulnerable parts of their heart.

Intimacy is the chewy, center of life, without it life would be a cold, detached, and unfulfilled existence.  Even in a unilateral group dynamics, the LOSS of our Identity can bring severe depression, rebellion, angst, rage, and etc.

So there has to be a judgment here,  is the LOSS of an intimate B(est) F(riends) F(orver) relationship is greater than the LOSS of a child’s Identity and Individuality?

A group dynamic limits the amount of information you know about anyone person in said group.  One has to spend quality one-on-one time with another person to learn more about their personality, philosophies, and passions.

If this philosophy/psychology catches hold, the world will become nothing more than a giant Masquerade ball, where no ones knows whom they are dancing with them…only that they are dancing with a person and they like the other’s persons masque.  Because if this happens we will all have to wear the same masque and we will all have to be of the opinion that that masque is the only masque that exists, or needs to exist.

I will encourage my children to have best friends and teach them how to be intimate with others, just as Christ is teaching me to be intimate with Him.  Amen.

2 thoughts on “Journal Entry: My Mind is Blown…but in a not in a good way. This is ultimately disturbing and is breaking my heart….

  1. That is very sad. Definitely overprotective. Wondering if this also about teachers protecting themselves from the drama kids may bring to class when they have/break-up with best friends? I am glad to read that it isn’t widespread policy. And the reality is, kids will have pals and will break up with those pals, whether or not the teachers “permit.”

  2. There are some things you simply can’t legislate.
    If it becomes, (by way of tyranny or misguided protection,)
    impossible for children to bond closely with other children,
    adults, mentors, etc, then children will create imaginary friends
    to fill the void.
    It is easy to go crazy wondering what this world is coming to,
    but I believe if we can each keep in touch with God and keep
    him in our hearts, we can weather any storm. That, I believe
    is the most important gift we can give our children…the security
    of a close relationship with our Creator.

    Thanks for this interesting post that reminds us all to cherish
    our freedoms and to step up to our responsibilities to our
    children and to the world in which we live.

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