Christian Artist: Painter Jacob Cecil and “Reflections of Redemption and the Trinity”.

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The images are listed below sequential order.  


God. The Creator. The Father…the Fall of Man.


God. Immanuel. The Son…the Crucifixtion


God. The Comforter. the Holy Spirit…the Redemption of Man.


I love the how Jacob melds the two mediums of Pencil and Oil Paints.  I hope you will spend some time soaking in the Truth of these paintings.  I didn’t attempt any personal interpretation yet, as I will be interviewing him about the hows and whys of this series in the coming weeks.

I would love to have everyone comment on what they see in these paintings, regarding their own salvation or what/how the paintings make them feel. For the Non-Christians, I implore you to go to take the Good Person Test…right after you leave a comment on this post.

For those interested in contacting Jacob Cecil to comment and/or commission him to paint for you, here is his contact  information:
Jacob Cecil

Comments, Thoughts, or Suggestions?

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