Journal Entry: Wednesday wows…

I have spent the last few days, since Saturday writing a post.  It is lengthy, controversial, and it rambles a bit.  I have not been able to pare it down or make it more cohesive, so I am going to move on and “chalk it up to experience and I am feeling better about myself.” (A View from the Top).

What is coming up in my world is a Photography Conference in Hawaii this month, a Photography Conference in Vegas next month, and the launch of my new site this month.  All good things, and all forth coming.

On a frustrating note, I completed “Acquainted with Grief II”, but I have lost it!  I wrote it on actual paper and now it has disappeared.  I can’t find it anywhere.  Instead of trying to rewrite it at this moment, I am going to wait and see if it turns up in a few weeks.

I want to leave you with a thought:  Our intimacy with Jesus is the only thing that cannot be taken away from us.

It should be thing only thing in our life unaffected by any outside force or change.  Too often our allegiances shift from God to our flesh like an indecisive weather vane on a stormy night.

If America becomes impoverished, or if the world falls to war, or there is an epidemic of disease…our hope and trust should still be firmly planted in Him.  I know that I wrestle with what the end game would be for my Intimacy with Christ.  What is my (buyout) price?  Is it family?  …health?  …employment?  …money?  …friends?  …loved ones?

We have all unintentionally set a price on our allegiances.  It reads something like this:  I will promise to Follow after Jesus Christ whatever comes my way…with the exception of losing my health to a debilitating disease, or I becoming very poor, or if my wife leaves me, or if I lose my hair, or etc..  These anemic contingencies disallow us to move in to true intimacy with Him.  We are afraid that as soon as we let go of our “pre-salvation buyout clause” that God will turn on us and take the very thing from us that we fear He would.  That fear keeps us captive from true Intimacy.

We spend out days learning about God and His nature but we never allow ourselves the opportunity to experience Him.

Our future is uncertain and unpredictable.  We have no real control over the majority of our circumstances.  The only thing we can control is how deep our Relationship with Jesus is, and how much we trust him.  No war, famine, disease, demon, devil, or death can take that away from us, unless we allow it to be taken.

We are His Beloved and He is ours.  (Rom. 9:25)  We need to enter the into Intimacy, it is a weapon in which the enemy has no defense for and one that he cannot defeat.  It is based on freewill and the reciprocation of  love.(Isaiah 54:5-17)  We have Faith, we hope in Hope, but we must function out of Love.  Faith, Hope, and love…the Greatest of these is Love.  (I Cor. 13:13)

I challenge us let go our fears and free-fall into God.

A personal relationship with Jesus is so much harder than just living a code of ethics or a set of morality standards, just like being in a marriage is way more difficult than “sleeping with” the same person again and again, over a long period of time.

Commitment and Intimacy are always worth the price of sacrifice, but very few will afford it.

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