The Holidays….

Okay, now that the Holidays are over I can focus on writing.  I know I said I was going to try to get something (chapter 1 of my upcoming book) posted before or on New Year’s Day, but alas I am not.  My wife’s family was in Lexington for the last two weeks.  That means that there were 17 people mingling about and trying to get organised to do things…sheer chaos.  I was up late and up early, and when I did get to sleep in, it was merely catch-up sleep.

I did get some preliminary work accomplished but not more than that.

My wife bought me “The House of Silk”  for Christmas.  A novel Written by Anthony Horowitz, the only Sir Conan Arthur Doyle Estate approved Sherlock Holmes novel in the last 125 years!  That is pretty huge.  I am half way through it and I have to say that the verbiage, style, and pace is very close to what Doyle would’ve written.  That has taken up most of my  ‘free’ time, and I am also reading, concurrently, “Surprised by Joy”, C.S. Lewis’ biography.

I am only a few chapters in to Lewis so when Nina gave me the Sherlock novel, Lewis got shelved.ha.  There is resurgence of Sherlock that I think is tremendous.  Nina and I watched the 2nd movie, “Game of Shadows” the day it opened, I had to get my hands on more Sherlock Holmes.  I mean it is ‘Elementary’, right?  The first Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Movie is in my all-time Top Ten.  So you could say I’m a fan.

The next few months should have me churning out poetry and chapters like crazy…but there is never enough time to do everything.  My hope is that there are plenty of cold wintery days that I can snuggle up with this computer, a Bible, and my notes, so I can knock out some much anticipated manuscripts.

[ Raises Glass in the air]   Here’s to January, may it be filled with timely words and beautiful verse.


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