Phase II: Wes Mullins the Author..

Phase I: a. Post regularly and post a variety of writings.  b. Gain a steady loyal readership c. handle constructive criticism from readers both in content and grammar. d. don’t give up on Phase I.

I have conquered all of these.  I have 114 posts (including this one).  I am nearing 2,00o views and have a steady readership of 330 followers.  I know that not all of my followers read every article, I don’t read every article on the blogs I follow, but I have enough traction to begin Phase II.  I have had lively conversations with those that disagreed with my opinions and philosophies but remained tactful and responded in humility and respect (though I didn’t back down from my POV).

The last one, d., was the hardest, not giving up.  Why was it the hardest? Because there is so many other daily distractions and necessary work to be done that it is a sacrifice of my time with family and friends to consistent build my site.  It is not so easy to write insightful poems and essays, and do it well, with out real effort and dedication.  I am trying not to congratulate myself too much.ha.  There were several times I could have just laid it down and re-engaged in other areas of my life…but writing in an area of my life that has has roots back to my childhood.  I have been blessed with an ability to construe words like no one else can.  Not saying that I do it better than anyone else, just that I do it differently.

Everyone has a unique perspective from which they view life, and that angle is so different that I can say something that has been said a million times and it still sounds fresh and new.  If this was not the case then there is no need for writers or philosophers, because we are not saying anything that Shakespeare or Aristotle hasn’t already said, and  I am certain that  they said it much better.ha.

Now, about Phase II.  My goal since I was a child was to write a book.  Well, actually it is to write many books.  I have several on the back burner.  So many in fact that I have had to buy a few stoves…(to store all of them on…anyway.) I am going to write my first every Apologetic.  That is right, the first book I am going to write to publish is an apologetic.  I am coming into authorship swinging both fists.ha.

Here is how it is going to work.  I am going to write chapters or parts of chapters in another blog ( I will tell you the name in a later post), this one will carry on as usual.  I want anyone and everyone to read, digest, and critique both content and grammar (but go a little easy on the grammar, I will be sending it to an editor, so spelling and homonyms don’t worry about…it is more about sentence/ paragraph structure).  Anyone who comments, good or bad (or nasty), will get credit in the book in my “Thanks To”-section.  I am willing to devote several pages so that I can fit everyone’s name that comments and give me feedback.  You are going to be part of the process of a book going from an idea to print.

So this is my Christmas present to all my readers.  I will post on a blog, to be named later, the Preface and all or part of Chapter 1, on Christmas Day or before the New Year begins.  I hope that I will have many comments and support as I press toward the prize.

I have been mulling around with this idea for  a while and have several attempts already but now is the time to press in to war.ha.  This site has been leading up to this point since its inception.  Are you ready to go climb aboard this Ship and go Unabashedly in to whatever lay before us?  If you are ready, then I say, “Welcome Aboard.”  If you aren’t ready or willing, we’ll send you a post card.ha.

Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to live out my dreams.  Not everyone gets the chance.  Not everyone has the courage to fail.  I have both.


Comments, Thoughts, or Suggestions?

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