Spotlighting an Artist and Friend…Andrew Kiteck

Andrew Kiteck is a musician, songwriter, worship leader, teacher, loving husband and father of two beautiful children.  I first met Andrew in 2002,  while he was leading worship at a small store-front church in Lexington, Kentucky.  He exhibited an honest voice and weighty lyrics.  I knew right away that he was a kindred spirit with a “poet’s soul”.

Recently he and his family have had to overcome a gut-wrenching struggle.  Their 3-month old little boy, Roman,  was diagnosed with cancer.  Being a cancer survivor myself, I know the difficulty of facing the reality of our own mortality.  I can’t imagine having my child face it; the child that looks to me for provision and protection.  The helplessly one feels walking through that shadowy valley of uncertainty has to be tormenting and exhausting.  Yet they have emerged from the Valley victorious and elated.

You can read their story here, at .  It is worth reading.  You can also give to their family by way of donation if you feel lead to do that, but that is not the reason that I wanted to Spotlight Andrew.  The reason I want to Spotlight him today is his artistic ability.

He wrote a song while he was in the midst of  battle and I can’t stop listening to it.  It transports me.  I feel like I am there with him and with this family as they search for hope amid ominous questions.  I feel like it gives me permission to hope as well, for my own struggles and questions.  It is such an honest moment  that I want it to continue, because I  know that the rest of my day is full of  things that are less true and less honest; we are rarely this honest with ourselves, let alone other people.

I have been given permission to use both the song lyrics and the recording of the song on this site.   I am so stoked that I get to share it with my readers.  Below are both the lyrics and the recording.  I suggest that you click on the recording and the flip back to this page to read the words as he sings.  I can’t say enough about this song or this family.  Here’s to the Kiteck family…. You all are an inspiration!  Here’s to Andrew…keep creating, it is spoken words that change the world not brilliant thoughts!

p.s. Here are some Kiteck family pics taken this month by Nina Mullins Photography.


Words & Music: Andrew Kiteck


Sometimes things just don’t make sense

It’s like staring at freedom through a chain-link fence

Sometimes life just don’t seem right

Strange how peace puts up a bitter fight

Sometimes your plans just don’t work out

There comes an hour to face your deepest doubt


And you wonder

Have I ever had to trust before

And you wonder

Is there anything here worth fighting for

And you wonder

Yes, you wonder



Sometimes people get it wrong

Apologies unsaid can last too long

Sometimes pain can hurt too much

This numbs the soul and leaves you out of touch

Sometimes the odds seem all but good

These are the times we’d avoid if we could


And you can’t pretend the question isn’t there

And you can’t suggest that all of this is fair

Where do you go from here

Where do you go from here


And the answer

Isn’t found in religions of men

And the answer

Isn’t simply blowing in the wind

And you wonder

Yes, you wonder

And the answer is Him

Who endured the dark and died and rose again

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