Slowly Winding Down for Winter…

My life is finally going to shift into overdrive.  We have one more wedding to shoot this weekend and then our wedding season will be officially over; it has been a great one.  I can tell you that  Saint Joseph and engagement shoots have kept me hoping for the last few weeks.  Saint Joseph has me creating and facilitating a new Revenue Cycle training program, which is more fun than a person should have in something called a “job”.  I get to create new programs, with new mediums that I have never used before, it has been a blast…but 40 hours a week of that and another 15-20 behind the lens of a 4 pound camera can make one weary.  I also have been writing a post everyday, or every other day.  I am pretty wiped.ha.  I can truly say though that I love my life and every thing in it.  I love posting to this site and getting all of the feedback and comments.  Thanks for spending your limited and precious time with me, it means a lot.

I will have another post up sometime today about “playing it out”, that moments of clarity that ring out in our lives before we make our grand decisions.  Stay tuned.

Right now Nina and I are getting ready to go to an adoption conference and “man” the Light Will Rise table.  I am not sure that I have told you what Light Will Rise is.  I will save that for another post, but in the mean time you can to go and check it out.

Comments, Thoughts, or Suggestions?

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