Man vs Machine

Science cannot compute love or the wonder of its trance.

The wet of a kiss, the safety of an embrace, are far too advanced

Even machines with skin, and twinkling eyes at a glance

Cannot replace Man’s need of love or his need to interact

Within his own, even irrational emotional truths are a considered fact

Love cannot be created, duplicated, but requires activation to belong

It must be a chosen honestly, though the facts can still be wrong,

You cannot find love in a song

Or poem writ with best intended sentences

It must be in entered or engaged; it’s the action of one’s deciding.

Machines can be loved, but with no return, it leaves loneliness residing

Though it’s real in purpose and feel, it can’t be generated by bloodless steel.

It takes a heart of flesh and a brain of matter, to decode notions of a lover’s laughter

Leave the machines for sowing and reaping, but sure shoulders the rejoicing and weeping.

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