Take a deep breath….

We are about to plunge below the black, icy waters of winter.  The days are getting shorter, the sun is setting sooner, and the air is filled with a chill.  It is time to bring in those things that you don’t want to be destroyed; winter is like the angel of death and only the things we keep in a warm atmosphere survive.  So today I am going to reflect and stow away some of the great memories of the past year, to make sure that they are out of the reach of winter’s touch of death.  Here’s a list:

-Went to Africa…Ethiopia

-Adopted twins

-Became a Daddy

-Watched Lex and Tizzy start walking and talking

-received my first, un-requested, hug and kiss from Tizzy

-Asked Nina to marry me again

-Read the Sherlock Holmes Cannon, again

-Started writing again

-Started a writing website

-Got a new position at Saint Joseph, a Training position

-Took over groom and groomsmen photoshoot

-Lost 40 lbs, still losing

-Reconnected with old friends, and found new ones

-Went to Chicago, and liked it.

-Fell in love with my wife, again.

These are just some of the memorable moments that I want to bottle up, so I can partake of it when I need it most.  Take some time today to reflect on all the good things that have happened to you in the past year and bottle them up.  For some it will quite a harvest, for other’s not so much, but just bottle what you have.  Know that what ever amount you have, it will sustain you through the winter season.  Remember that Spring is coming, that is when we get to sow more seeds, more memories.  Enjoy your Day!

Comments, Thoughts, or Suggestions?

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