Thor’s Dawg…a day to reflect on Ethiopia.

Today starts a mini-vacation to see our friends in Chicago.  Our children are from the same orphanage in Ethiopia.  That seems like a lifetime ago, when in fact we just got back from Africa in April.  It was such a time of uncertainty and stress that it took several months to heal emotionally, but it was absolutely worth it.  Nina and I have the two most amazing children.  They are so smart and funny.

Eliana, my overwhelmingly beautiful girl, is a very tiny comedian with an infectious smile.  Her ability to make jokes and find humor in her life is incredible.  She ponders her environment on an intellectual and emotional level.  The other day she went around the house with her pjs on her head, like a cape.  This is something she thought of on her own, we have never even hinted at the idea.  A few days later I put their bath towels, that have hoodies on them, they both went crazy.  I spent the next few hours fixing them on their little heads.   There is so much more to tell…

Alex is such a physical thinker.  He want to figure out how to climb this or that, or how something works.  He is a very good problem solver and only has to be shown something once or twice and he picks it up right away.  At 8 mns old he climb out of his Ethiopian crib and was banging on their bedroom door.  That maybe normal for boys, but if you saw what he had to go through to get to the floor you would be very impressed.  I still shake my head on how he did it with out injuring himself.

They both love music and start dancing when the radio is on or there is music in a commercial.  There eyes light up when I bring out the guitar or keyboard, but they as so curious that you don’t get through the first verse and they want to strum it.  The keyboard I just sit on the floor and let them bang away at the keys.  I am secretly wishing that one of them will just start playing Bach or Mozart, that would be ridiculous.ha.

Today I think about a question that is almost always asked or alluded to when talking about the changes brought to our lives by children.  Can you imagine your life without them?  Yes, I can, but it is far less exciting and meaningful.  The love I have for my children was not only instant but inexpressible.  I don’t even think about them as being adopted, they are just my children.  Little people who I have been given the honor and responsibility to raise.  I get to shower them with love, advice, discipline, and joy.  I love being a daddy.  I don’t think there is a better job in the world that I am more suited for than a father.ha.  They make my heart melt and leap in my chest all at the same time.

I am excited to see if they remember their bunkmate, I doubt they will, but I know that Nina and I really cherished the time we got to spend with his parents (Names are being omitted on purpose).  It will be a good reunion.

So today I will leave you with ponder your own future, your own family.  Is there room in your heart for children?  Is there room in your heart to adopt?  I can imagine my life without kids but it is not one that I want to spend time thinking about, I love my life.

Obscure 1900’s Word of the Day coming up in a bit.

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