Obscure 1900’s Word of the Day…

It comes all the way from the Congo, the Tshiluba Language. Ilunga: a person who will forgive 2 offenses or abuse, but will not forgive the transgressor a 3rd time. (that is hard core) Oops, I must digress against you I did trangress You are so kind to let it pass I won’t offend again…drat, my will did bend another offense to you I send It takes three to complete, and this will I seek Your demise has my interests piqued Would it really hurt to take a peek Hey now, I didn’t think you’d freak, Waving your arms and with an emphatic shout, You should have been ready for that strike. But you tell me to take a hike, I’ve never seen the like It’s the Rule, so don’t argue and pout with a pitiful “What do you mean I’m OUT!” I thought I would do a light-hearted spin on Baseball, seeing that it is the post-season. I won’t be posting until monday, so I hope that you have a great long weekend. Oh, one other thing, Go Big Blue. That is right you beat that NCAA Division II football team. (oh man, I hope we win, if not we may go 2-9 for the season. After 4 years of bowl games, I really don’t want to go back to the basement.ha!)

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