Obscure 1900’s Word of the Day.

Metrophobia: hatred or fear of poetry.


Murderous Verse:

Rhyme and Reason have their fun,

masquerading as meters and puns

Taunting the innocent, They bridle and bit,

and with venomous wit, Force curses from unwilling lips.

There is no escaping these devious writs, except

to have a Speare to slay the Sirens,

and to read something other than Byron


I hope you all enjoyed the spontaneous poem, inspired by our word of the day.  I am still working on Acquainted with Grief, I hope to have it by next week, so stay tuned in.    Until then why don’t you give some random person a big smile and your family bear hugs.Enjoy the rest of your day.

Comments, Thoughts, or Suggestions?

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