Here’s what is happening….

I am currently working on part II of Acquainted with Grief, and it should be coming out this week or beginning of next; Part III will take a few weeks after that.  And if you didn’t know Acquainted with Grief is a new project.  That is right, it is not just  a dusty old poem that I had in a binder some where.ha.

I just finished my two-part About Me :The Roster’s Cry (Scene I and II) segment.  You can check it out at the bottom of the About page to read it in the entirety, or go to the individual posts to read them separately.

The short story,The Third of July, finished up a few weeks ago, I hope that everyone enjoyed it.  I will start a new project, a new fiction Series soon, so look forward to that.ha.

Also, in WesMullins News, we crushed the 1,000 view barrier on the 4th of October.  Here is the post that sent it over the edge, The Ocho.  The site has been operating for a month and a half and we are cruising to 1,200 views by the end of the week.  I am so pumped and excited about the readership and all your comments and emails.  It truly makes it worth it all to struggle through topics and spending time recording my thoughts and verses.  I absolutely love doing this!

Casey Hamm will be debuting on this site on Friday, the 14th of October.  Casey is an accomplished musician, song writer, poet, minister, and friend (I hope I didn’t miss anything.ha.)  He recently put a music album called “Reflections”.  Go to My Favorite Sites to find a link to their Website, Brothers Hamm.  He and his brother Tracey joined their vocal and composition talents to produce this project.  I know it has been a long time coming for both of them, and I hope this is not the last we hear of Brothers Hamm.  I also hope that Friday’s post is just one of many that we get to enjoy from Casey.

That is all I have today, I hope your Tuesday is Super and Awesome!  Before I go, here’s a classic one-liner I gave my wife while cooking chicken noodle soup the other night; it was in response to her playfully questioning my adding two eggs to the boiling soup.

“Is there any thing more chicken than the egg?”

Enjoy your evening.

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