Christian Stigma…

As I have said in previous posts, I am a Christian.  That simple declaration causes a stirring of emotions; some good and some bad.  And I accept both, I have to.  I can not be so naive to think that I will not be linked to the Hypocritical, the Insane, or the impostors, who make the same declaration.  Our limited mental capacity has us grouping like persons, things, actions, or aspects together and labeling by similar characteristics or titles.  I am okay with that.  It is truly not my issue but it is an issue for those that are offended by it. What I do have a problem with is persons or groups who are not Christians trying to educate me in what a Christian should think, or how they should act, or what is morally right.

A quick perusing of the Bible, mixed with your own wounded nature, and topped off with a skewed emotional perception to a science or religion does not make you an expert on Christianity, it makes you vaguely curious and dangerous.

I ask you, have you ever had an experience with God?  Have you even been in the presence of something so awesome and yet peaceful that all you could do was cry hot scalding tears of joy, while you were being showered with more love than you have ever known?  Have you ever had the peace of knowing that your life, no matter how messy and perverse, has been redeemed and your nature has been changed; you are truly not the man/woman that you used to be?  It is like you had a brain and heart transplant.  And I am not referring to emotionalism or superstition. I am referring to redemption.

What is life about if there is no God?  Let’s look at it scientifically or logically for just a moment.  The imperialistic thoughts are that love, excitement, happiness, sadness, and etc. are all just nerve impulses that “randomly” fired in your brain triggered by certain actions or thoughts take place.  So, these synaptic notions are real but only in the context that they exist as the result of neuron activity, they however, should not be acted on, because they hold no “truth” in them.  Someone may say that falling in love is stupid and just an impulse that can be attributed to brain activity, it is not real, and should not be acted upon or relied upon to make informed decisions.  The argument can be made for all the failed relationships that there are in the world and how many messed up people there are due to a broken heart.  But take some responsibility people, relationships take hard work and the ability to change.  The ability to say that you are wrong and that you may not being doing everything correctly in your life.

The same can be said about Religion, Christianity.  I have heard that it is an emotional response to the irrational and superstitious thoughts of a God and the possibility of a mythical, eternal Heaven.  But emotions are real, everyone in the world has “feelings.”  Emotional Health and well-being play a huge role in our overall physical health.  People who are happy and find joy in life and laughter have healthier bodies.  Laughter releases endorphins in to the brain and causes you to feel happy, which relieves stress; stress of long periods of time can cause cancer and physical depression (illness and ailments), which will cause mental depression, which will cause imbalance in your hormones, which can lead to instability in your thought process, leading you to make poor judgments and may have to go on medication to try to regain mental stability.  The drugs you take can cause liver and kidney damage, also may cause psychotic episodes of an even more severe depression, which can lead to homicidal or suicidal actions.  I know this is extreme but to say that acting on an emotional notion is irrational is simply a negative, emotional response to positive emotions.  We all function out of our emotions, because we are emotional creatures.

We feel pain, sadness, happiness, love, unity, community, joy, peace, depression, hate, anger, stress, lust, envy, jealousy, etc.  And we all make thousands of emotional decisions everyday.  What time to get up, what to eat, what to wear, what transportation to take, what to say to people, how to react to certain conversations, who to avoid, who to seek out, etc.  So to rule out emotions as a source of “logical” decision making is an emotional response to previous bad experiences with that particular aspect of life.  So I ask you this question, “Where do these ‘feelings’ and ‘inklings’ come from that so govern out lives?”  “Did these powerful forces, evolve or are they innate?”

If they evolved then, they are necessary, correct?  We are constantly evolving to a more perfect species, right?  So, that would mean that Spirituality, Emotions, and Religion are all necessary.  You could argue that Darwinism and Atheism are drowned out these emotions and that when we are rid of emotions and superstition we will have a more perfect human being, but here is what you will have created.

Without love, or the hope of love, you will have lives of meaningless existence, procreative Cyborgs cultivating Dead Steel Cities.  Cities and communities will exist only to produce meaningless commerce and necessary food.  People will consummate with each other simply for recreation and only when they are trying to conceive children so that the humanity can survive; it may even be that all children are created in a lab by egg and sperm donors and raised in group homes.  So that they can grow in a quasi-family community.  All those children not needed will be aborted and only those who can be an asset to society will be allowed to live.  Any person who is a drain on society will also be dismissed from life, because human life has no real value other than what it can produce for others; there is moral reason to spare someone’s life, especially if they have nothing to offer a society or community.

Family, Love, Marriage, Honor, Morals, and Conviction are real.  They are extremely tangible and yet very emotional.  You cannot dissect one from the other.  If you remove physical structure of family from the emotional connection and fulfillment you have a dead group of people.  We need both physical touch and an emotional attachment.  It is so vitally important that we are able to attach ourselves with other people.  To have intimate (not necessarily sexual) interactions with others.  It is healthy, essential, and right, without it we become dysfunctional and off-center.

So to sum up my thought without too much rambling, the Christian Stigma that are emotionally need, gullible, and superstitious people is incorrect.  Also to say that Christians are all broken and wounded people who need a crutch or a group of people to accept them is also false; we are all of us (entire population) broken and wounded people.  There is not one normal and sane person in the nearly 7 billion people in the world.  Side note, the commonality of brokeness doesn’t mean that the product of dysfunctionalism is the correct and preferred state normal of well-being, it means that we all need help.  I know where there is help.

To those who walk in intimacy with Jesus know that we are connected to Him physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  When we chose to accept His sacrifice for our sins, by death on the cross, there is a truly physical and emotional change.  We are not the same people that we once were.  I don’t care who says that it is hooky or ridiculous, because I doubt they have spent any time in the presence of a truly Holy God.  To know that the reason peace, love, joy, hope, and truth exist is because He is each of those.  God is Love.  God is Peace.  God is Truth.

[These are questions that I wrestle with and these are the answers that I am formulating.  I continue to educate myself and I am not afraid of questions that concern my faith.  My thoughts may evolve over time, as my relationship with Jesus grows, but I doubt that I will ever say that I have arrived intellectually or spiritually to a point of omniscience; these are my thoughts on faith, religion and life.  Take them for what you will.  Thanks for stopping by and reading them, I hope you found them challenging, insightful, and helpful.  Enjoy the rest of your day.]

2 thoughts on “Christian Stigma…

  1. def still carry questions myself…you present some nice arguments here…i too am a christian…even was a pastor once…dont hold that against me…smiles….and living in the bible belts buckle really struggle with the image of expectation around what it looks like…

    • I don’t know if you read any part of Roster’s Cry or my About page, but I know where you are coming from. It is great to ask for questions, but any more important to listen for the answers.

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