Here is the New Poem I Promised in the last Post…

With An Air of Distinction

Lands laced with God-crafted green hills, not mountains

Fertile fields, endless acres of natures sweet fruits, born fresh in the Womb

Cotton candy mornings with granule filled breaths, each sweeter than the next

(Cannot be duplicated or manufactured, but they should be bottled up for heavier days)

Curious dirt roads that lead to unmolested resources both for body and the mind

Magnificent and mythical-like creatures roaming freely and at their leisure, I am sure the gods mandated as such

Breath stealing strides erupt as they frolic in the angel kissed air; steam from their nostrils rises like smoke from the depths of secret embers

Wind tossed grass, painted tones of green and blue, tickle and sooth thirsty feet

Bouquets of trees always ripe for climbing; to harvest venison or landscapes

Rich, dark earth overturned, tilled to release freshness into the atmosphere to permeate the sky, calling it for a drink

A mosaic of emotions evoked in one spring day to awaken the earth from winter slumbers

And the collective sighs of autumn’s satisfaction for a summer well spent and endured labor’s now rewarded

Giddy laughter from children young and old a like, basking in the glory of life

Smiles erupt from well-concentrated faces as adulation crescendos

Volumes of decipherable confusion flooding the arena, squeaking of well-trained sneakers and the echo of an obedient ball confiscate all attention

Regardless of pedigree, the heritage of pure blue blood rushes in their veins

Plays precisely executed as planned to perfection, at least in our insatiable minds

No horse faster, no land more beautiful, and no team equal

My Old Kentucky Home

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