Friday Freebies….

I thought today I would go back and do a recap of the most read, most commented on, and least read posts.  It has been a crazy month.  That is right I have been running this site for just a month and we are closing in on 1,000 views.  I want to thank each and everyone who has been a part of this.

Right now we are doing daily posts, around 10:30 am to 1:00pm.  I do a Twitter/Facebook reminder most days at about 5:00pm.  We have 3 series going: Third of July, Acquainted with Grief, and Rooster’s Cry.  I hope everyone is enjoying these as much as I am writing them.  It is such a pleasure and an honor that you stop by and listen to the pounding of my heart.  The next Installment of  “The Third of July” should be up this weekend or the first of Next Week.  So keep your pants on, it is coming, I promise.

Chapter 3 is where all the action is, “the grit of it”, there is covert operations, secrets, and mayhem!!  You won’t want to miss out on that, especially if you read Chapter 1 and 2. You won’t believe what befalls Ralph Waldo and Henry David, so prepare your mind to be blown away.ha.

-The Least Read Post


I’ve been to this precipice before,

I’ve closed my eyes and pondered the leap.

The memories of weightlessness flood my mind,

As the reminiscent flutterings fill my chest.

I salivate slightly,

Remembering the taste of the sweet air rushing over my face.

I inch nearer to the edge, Curious?? Keep Reading

Pushing pebbles and rocks, unwillingly, into the depths below.

Again I move closer, till my toes hang over.

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-The Most Commented on and the most read Post

A King’s Ransom


Around the Fall of 2005, Nina and I were grocery shopping one night and noticed a new box of cereal on the shelf.  It was located on the end-cap because its inaugural debut, and it was only a buck ($1).  Nina grabbed a box or two.  I shrugged  stating my indifference on what cereal she purchased.  The next morning would be the dawn of a new day.

I arose early, as was customary given my profession as an Airline Employee, and went to the kitchen to forage for some breakfast.  Half-asleep and groggy, I stumbled upon this box of cereal.  I shrugged my shoulders again and said, ‘Why Not?’.  I opened the box and pulled the plastic apart with a sleepy grunt.  The next thing I remember was being swept away.  My heart was filled with joy as my nostrils flared with delight.  It was absolutely intoxicating.  I poured the cereal in to a bowl and very carefully added milk along the side, trying not to contaminate the scintillating, sugary squares.  Grabbing the bowl with one hand, and boring a spoon into the heaping mound with the other, I spun around and leaned upon the counter for comfort and support. […]

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Since the Second and Third Category are the same read I will give you a new read.  [See the Next Post]

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