Mad Catter….a little something to lighten up your Wednesday.

I am beginning to hate my cats

they cause me to shout, “Oh, Drat!”

When I hear their vomit go “splat!”

or chasing a gnat

across my barely clad fat

“Enough of That, you little brats!”

Kicking and Punching

once in a while lunging

I brush their fur yet never interact

so behaviors remain in tact

I cringe at the constant hiss and hack

never get used to the that

but there’s worse than this

causing my wife’s remiss

of their existence

a Bed covered in hair

under the sheets, everywhere

It lines our pillows and our throats

wheezing and coughing denotes

the extend exposure that brings the redaction

to a newly formed allergic reaction

I don’t know that I can but I must try

to find them a home, other than the sky

for someone to love them as much as I once did

now my only hope is of these cats to be rid

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