Have I mentioned how much I love being a Dad?

It is a very strange concept, me being a father. It is strange, or rather humorous, for two reasons. The first, I have wanted to be a father since I was little. I wanted to be able to teach my children to dribble and shot, and discuss literature/history, and share a life in Christ with them. And Secondly, because taking care of a child is full-time job and I have twins.

Tonight I had a wonderful experience with Eliana, my little girl.  (bear in mind she just got shots at the Drs office this morning)  I noticed earlier that when I changed her diaper she started crying, but it wasn’t the usual I don’t want my diaper changed or I am being fussy. She was completely unhinged, real tears. That is when I realized, that when she was associating getting her diaper changed with the pain and surprise of a shot. I just reassuring her. I told her to look at Daddy and that everything was going to be all right. It took several times of me telling this to her and several kisses from Daddy but she was finally all smiles. The most amazing part was the trust that I saw in her face and the joy in her laughter when I told her I loved her. A perfect Daddy/Daughter moment.

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