Saturday Evening Post…

As I sit here on the couch, recovering from week’s toil, I realize that I didn’t post anything yesterday.  I also realized that Saturdays are not usually going to have posts.  My wife, Nina, and I spent Saturday taking pictures.  We are Nina Mullins Photography, and for 12 hours at the beginning of most weekends we are being a personal paparazzi to our amazing clients.  We had a great time yesterday with Derek and Yazmin, one of our wonderful couples.  You can check out the pics on the blog on our website,  Nina Mullins Photography.

Not to say that there will never be a post, but I hope you’re not too disappointed if a couple of Saturdays get missed.  So, in light of everything I am posting tonight.  I hope you enjoy this poem, “Myth-Understanding.”

This is a part of my newest writings.  I was stagnate for a few years, you know life stuff.ha. But 3 months in Ethiopia cracked open my writing vein. My inspiration had some how calcified after years of misuse or under-use.  I was able to re-focus and actually had time to think!  It is weird how much easier it is to find your center in a 3rd world nation, with no car, no real agenda, and a huge language barrier; I highly recommend it.  For those of you who want to know why I was in Ethiopia, stay tuned for future posts concerning that.  For now, just relax, scroll down to the poem and read it aloud.  Let the words drip from you lips like  sticky-sweet tangerine nectar.


Not from Slave to Slave

Only Exchanging Masters

But Adopted from Abandoned

Redeeming us, who once were Bastards

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