While driving to work this morning….

I know I said I wasn’t going to post any more but when the muse descends, she descends, and leaves a mind full of hot, smoldering embers that need to be stoked and billowed.  I don’t want to be guilty of rejecting genius, because I was too busy or tired.ha.  Emerson said that he would often times find his own rejected thoughts in the “genius” of others.  So, to make sure that I leave this life with no stone un-turned….

I often times have philosophical conversations on my morning drives in to work.  I find that I ask a lot of questions and constantly find myself searching for the elusive and esoteric answers.  It is imperative, for me, that I continue to search and seek out what is seemingly veiled and clandestine.  It is not so I can feel elevated among my peers, or create controversial conspiracy.  [It maybe that it is only veiled to me, or that it is something that I have not come to grips with personally] It is so I can better understand myself, and my God.  Keep this in mind, Every thought, action, or conversation we have is born from philosophy or worldview.  So to ignore such a vital element of our being and not search out the fiber of that foundation would be catastrophic.  One would have to hand the reigns of their personal responsibility to someone else, or worse, no one at all.  For a person to leave their mental, physical, and emotion state up to whimsical notions nurtured on Angst and Oedipal-like experiences, would breed a devolved species of malcontent and disregard; leaving a shell of a diluted and corrupted self-image, whose responses and retorts are sharpened and loaded index fingers and/or perpetually (defending themselves with) shrugging shoulders.  (Sorry, I went all Aristotle on you for a moment.ha.)

Here is my thought, or my philosophical musing for this morning.

“I must continually evolve, for it is then and only then, that I can begin to understand a Father who is infinite, transcendent creativity, for the possibilities of what I CAN become are inexhaustible, being Born from and inheriting His Nature.”

Comments, Thoughts, or Suggestions?

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