A busy Weekend ahead….

This is going to be my last post of this week.  Nina and I have a wedding to shoot on Saturday, all day, and it is Ethiopian New Year on Sunday.  Our Organization, Light Will Rise is throwing a PARTY, and since I am a big part of the entertainment, I need to focus my energy there.

I am going to cook Sambusas [seasoned meat and lentils, breaded and deep-fried] YUM! and Give a Presentation.  But do not fear I will be posting again, Sunday night or Monday morning.  I hope you have a great Weekend and Ethiopian New Year.

If you want to join us for Ethiopian New Year, it is at 4-6pm @ Southland Christian Church.  We are trying to build local community here in Lexington, as well has help bring aid and stable futures to the 5 million orphans who live in Ethiopia.  So get out your James 1:27 T-shirt and come on down and check it out.

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