Thoughts for Today….

It is a wonderfully gorgeous day today. I am sitting on a park bench on the Saint Joseph Compound. Ha. That sounded so sinister. There is an amiable breeze caressing my skin and the shade of mature trees to hide me from sun.

It is so amazing how life is so complicated and neigh un-livable and then to turn around, in the same moments and be breath-taking and inspiring.

For example, two and a half years ago I was unemployed, and Nina working at Saint Joseph East full-time. Now Nina is Full-time working in photography, Nina Mullins Photography, and we are parents to an amazing set of twins.

I can say that I am truly blessed and thankful of where life has taken me. Along with all that I am starting to cultivate my writing career.

The coolest part about all this is that I get to share my life and my writing with all my readers, family, and strangers. So, thank you for being a part of my wonderful adventure.

Comments, Thoughts, or Suggestions?

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