Short Story or Novelette

Okay, so the definition of a short story is about 3000-7500 words, and 7500- 15000 is a Novelette.   I guess, technically I am going to release a Novelette.  🙂  I am going to do it a chapter at a time

The Title is Third of July.  It is a period piece that involves several icons of American Literature: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Frederick Douglas, Nathaniel Hawthorne and others.  It deals with the Transcendentalist ideologies, the Civil War, Racism, and Truth.

Some people will be able to read this and understand the undertones and others may not get all the meanings.  My hope is that the story and dialogue are interesting enough to keep all the readers engrossed.

Here’s some info that should be  helpful as you read this story.

-Transcendentalism –This is a link that discusses what it is and how it applied to the social culture in the 19th Century.

Also that Emerson used to be a Christian Ordained Minister, but recanted his ordination for his Whimsical Inner Genius.

I hope you enjoy!!!

Comments, Thoughts, or Suggestions?

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