Repressed Self

Death could be closer and I would not care

Hard, thick death could hurl around the next curve

I am unmoved

Strip me naked of my freedoms and dam my spirit of freewill and choice

Crush me in my infancy; bind me in my youth

I am unmoved

Loathe me in the shadows, in the secret rooms of your heart

Scrub me clean of self; scrape soul from body

I am unmoved

Watch me under the heavy hand, and use that hand to strike

Deport me and make me alien to the memories of my past

I am unmoved

Spew your vile hatred upon my fertile soil

Plant your kudzu of failure and fear

Reap your harvest

I am unmoved

Douse my dreams in rejection and mockery

Char my former shell

Cremate me

With jealousy ignite my flesh

I am unmoved

I am Forever