Apples and Oranges (of Peaches)

“We all live in a box; an organic sphere of containment, governed by unseen magistrates…from whence came the box?” Chadwick Alexander Stephens III (CAS III)

Apples and Oranges (of Peaches)

A conundrum, a riddle most unnerving
To consider intelligent disturbing
Of controversial matter(s) forming
An illogical opinion

In conversations not baited
All matter(s) anatomically stated
Correlations of information encased,
In invisible spheres but not of thinking.

Though dissecting the angles (to the nth degree)
Resolved to mitigate the propitiation of thee and me
And defend an ardent and profane theory,
Bare a burden that is unforgiving

Here is the simple complexity of that circular thought
You need must disengage the box
Or concede forever there to rot
Having never answered the initial question