I’ve been to this precipice before,

I’ve closed my eyes and pondered the leap.

The memories of weightlessness flood my mind,

As the reminiscent flutterings fill my chest.

I salivate slightly,

Remembering the taste of the sweet air rushing over my face.

I inch nearer to the edge,

Pushing pebbles and rocks, unwillingly, into the depths below.

Again I move closer, till my toes hang over.

Raising my arms, and

Stretching my fingers as far as they will go.

The Gusting winds blow my hair and clothes like an obedient flag,

Whipping around the pole.

For a moment everything stops…

My breathing slows…

My heart is barely beating…

I take one last, deep breath…

Bend my knees…

Deafening silence rings in my ears…

Then like an Olympic Diver I spring forward,

Soaring hundreds of feet above the impending ground.

It is not until now that I remember the pain of smashing against the rocks.

I smile.

Maybe this time I will make it past them.

Maybe this time I will Fly


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