Thoughts from Haiti

As we drove out of the city the only light were headlights and the
occasional bon-fire. As evening races upon them, another perpetual
darkness engulfs Haiti once again; do they relive the nightmare of
their existence when the sun dives into the ocean?
The destruction reaches beyond Port-au-Prince, but at least in the
city there is electricity. The only signs of life outside the city are
Neanderthal fire pits and single naked bulb straining to
pierce the unquenchable night!

-Pigs in the street eating the trash, on streets filled with rubble
and trash…there is no place to put the rubble…the land is being
used for the displaced people and their tents and their home
businesses (selling whatever they can get their hands on)…

-have you ever had to bathe in a tub on the side of the street, right
outside there tent…men peeing on whatever wall they were near when
the urge hit!

-It appears that this a hopeless and mindless existence, one that you
would have to reserve yourself for disappointment; you won’t
disappointed if you’ve had no hope to begin with!

-a parody that would rival dickens “Great Expectations”: it was the
best of times and the worst of times! (Dominican Republic/Haiti)

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