Prophetic word for Lexington. Aug 6, 2009

(I received this Aug 6, 2009)

To the Body: Hark, I hear the shout of war…the Enemy is crashing their swords on their shields!. I heard the Lord say, “Make yourself ready to go out to meet it”

This is not the battle for Lexington. This is the personal battles for freedom from bondage, fear, etc.. This is the enemy that has been taunting us for quite some time, a Goliath that defiles us and our God. “Grab your sword and go you out to meet them!” The battle for Lexington will come to pass when we lock swords with the strongholds of the city but this is not that battle. But in order to be prepared for that battle we must, we must defeat our Goliaths. I am reminded of the scene in Lord of the Rings, Return of the King, where Aragon is at the Black Gate and Saron’s messenger comes out and riles them up with a lie about Frodo and Sam being killed. While he is berating them, Aragon pulls out his sword and decapitates him. That is what I feel we need to do to our nemesis that have for so long kept us at bay, like Goliath jeering at the Israel army. Pick up our weapons and go out to meet them.

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